Winter vanlife packing list

Packliste Winter Vanlife

Traveling in the winter is definitely a challenge because you spend a lot of time together in a small space and every short trip outside means you have to bundle up tightly. Jacket, hat and gloves are your daily companion and definitely need a fixed place near the door, the big winter boots are everywhere and the towel on the sliding door is actually always wet... But if you love winter and the cold season like we do If you do that, you certainly won't be put off by it and we have written down the most important things for you that we needed every day and found useful.


  • Approximately 2 pairs of thick socks and sweaters
  • Enough fresh laundry, because a lot of things are closed in winter, including laundromats, or there just aren't that many in the north
  • Waterproof, slip-on shoes are best with padding and anti-slip soles :-) On the way to the north you usually spend a few days in the mud and rain; You always have to go out quickly to do something on the outside of the van
  • Lip care
  • Of course thick, waterproof gloves, hat and scarf
  • To save luggage, one jacket for everything, ideally a waterproof, long parker; the onion system is always a good solution
  • Lined ski pants for outside (even when you're not doing sports)
  • Long wool underwear
  • Van slippers are super comfortable because it's constantly cold from below


  • “Hirabira” (Allgäu for headlamp), light reflector for the jacket, because it is just a lot dark in the north and you are often forced to walk on streets because footpaths are not cleared or are slippery
  • Spikes for your shoes, because most of the paths are not cleared and are mirror-smooth
  • Rags for wet shoes at the entrance
  • microfiber towels; We're not the biggest fan because they're just not as cozy or absorbent, but a normal towel just won't dry (or takes forever)
  • Create a spot in the van where wet clothes can dry and drip off, i.e. a clothes rail in the wet room or a small tub to put them under
  • Northern Lights app

The van

  • Think about the tires on the van: studs or winter tires with snow chains
  • Internal water tank or canister
  • Enough spray water to refill
  • Insulation for all panes, so much heat is lost
  • Be aware that 95% of all campsites are closed, drains may be frozen/snowed and drinking water taps are often turned off
  • Gas bottles abroad are always different and of different sizes (especially the 5l bottles); However, there is the option of filling German bottles, which costs twice as much as in Germany

Traveling with a dog:

  • more rags...
  • Stuffy but really super practical: a dog bathrobe! So a large microfiber cloth to pull over the head and fasten under the dog, then the moisture stays inside and the dog can lean on it and move as he wants

Traveling with a toddler:

  • A pair of trousers and at least two sweaters made of really warm wool or merino wool
  • Bodysuits
  • Balaclava as a hat
  • Of course gloves, waterproof ski suit and scarf
  • Lined, waterproof boots
  • A fat cream for the face and lips
  • Warm down sleeping bag for nighttime
  • Fur or warm footmuff
  • Toboggan (we prefer the sleigh because it allows you to get over hill and dale) in addition to the buggy

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