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The history of the postcard

Die Geschichte der Postkarte
We thought about getting to the bottom of the story of the postcard. When was it invented? How has usage changed over the years? And why is it still so relevant and beloved today?

6 facts about the postcard

1. When was the postcard invented?

The postcard was invented in the 19th century and was a new way of open communication. Previously, it was common to communicate by letter, as the content was intended only for the addressee. And so it is not surprising that it was initially viewed critically.
The postcard was intended as a cheaper alternative to letters.

2. Where was it created?

The world's first postcard was sent in Austria in 1869 and was used to coordinate a visit with friends.

3. How did the design and type of use develop?

Postcards with pictures became popular quite quickly. When the postcard was introduced, one side had space for the address details and the back for the message. This changed little by little, so that over time a page was completely covered with motifs.

4. Who uses postcards?

At the end of the 19th century they were used primarily as postcards by the entire population.

“Hardly any topic is left out: greetings and congratulations cards for every occasion, views of landscapes, cities and villages. Places of entertainment, art, sport, love, eroticism and a lot of humor are depicted. The range includes images from politics, technical achievements, but also images of catastrophes.”

During the First and Second World Wars, soldiers were given the opportunity to send postcards with pictures and photos of themselves and their troops to their relatives free of charge. The postcard was quickly used as a means of documentation and depicted all the events of the war.

5. What else is conveyed on postcards?

Not only holiday greetings, but also secret messages are exchanged using different positions on the stamp. Otherwise it applies to short communication and personal exchanges such as appointments.

6. The postcard today

Since the 1990s, postcards have been produced and used less and less. However, today it is often used purely as a souvenir with a statement or as decoration for one's own (pin) walls and refrigerators.

Text: Alice Pawlas
(Source https://www. exhibition-postkarte.de )

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