Values ​​& Mission

Sustainability & Production

For us, sustainability is a philosophy of life that is omnipresent in everyday life and in our products. It is a constant search for solutions to conserve resources, create as little waste as possible, have short routes and benefit from fair conditions.
That's why we work with a Bavarian family printing company for all of our paper products and use certified natural papers. We also try to leave the added value for our other products in Germany or Europe.

Anyone who knows us from trade fairs and markets knows that we love a lot of old things. All of our accessories are truly finds from flea markets, cellars and friends. The back walls of the trade fair once belonged to an old barn.

social commitment

We love the mountains and traveling and are grateful for every day in the mountains. Unfortunately, not everyone can move as freely as we can. For people who have limited lives due to disabilities, recognition through their participation can have a big impact. Together with the Wertachtal workshops of Lebenshilfe in Kaufbeuren, an initial project has now resulted in our permanent group, a partnership-based and close collaboration. On the one hand, some of our products are assembled there, and on the other hand, every shipment that reaches our customers is packed and checked here with love and care. So they are a very important part of road typing and they know it too. Lebenshilfe does incredible work and we are happy to be able to implement these great projects together.

Shipping & Packaging

In our digital society, millions of packages are sent every day and the boxes required for them are usually disposed of immediately. We ship from the start and only in used boxes. As filling material, for example, we get tissue paper from the fashion industry or old book pages that would otherwise have to be destroyed. Each of our packages has a small sticker indicating this.