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Gift ideas for the gondola Advent calendar

Geschenkideen Gondel Adventskalender; Tisch mit aufgebauten Papier Gondeln und Kleinigkeiten ringsherum

Gift ideas for the gondola Advent calendar

So now you have it, your gondola Advent calendar, maybe you bought it for yourself or for your partner or the children, but no matter who gets it, we hope they enjoy it. The next step is to find 24 little things that suit the owner... that's a challenge every year.

Of course, the special thing about the gondola Advent calendar is that it is hung across the room or in front of the window, but that limits the choice of gifts a little. Here we have a few tips so that you can remain flexible in your ideas and sometimes hide something larger or heavier behind a number.

Tip 1:

You can put a piece of paper with a scavenger hunt in a gondola, so the recipient has to look for it and you are completely independent in size and weight. Instead of a scavenger hunt, it can also be a quiz or puzzle or another clue.

Tip 2:

If you want to pack something in that is too heavy, then put these or several gondolas together in a place that you also use, for example a window sill or sideboard, which you can decorate for Christmas, because the gondolas look very pretty even when placed there . Small trees and branches go well with this, i.e. a mountain forest. Here you can also wrap larger gifts in suitable wrapping paper and place the gondola on top.

Gift ideas:

But what should you actually give, you don't like superfluous things and there are far too many sweets during Advent anyway. We have listed a few ideas for you that you may not have thought of yet:

Summit schnapps, a model car, ski wax, first the left sock and in another gondola the right sock, seed bombs, spices, key rings, marshmallows for winter grilling, solid soap, Schnackl knife (for all non-Bavarians: a folding knife), coffee beans, enamel pin, deck of cards , pocket square or cloth handkerchief, a bracelet, dried flower, a special coffee spoon, a micro adventure, stickers, compass, folding instructions e.g. for a special paper airplane or an origami figure,  an analog photo film, masking tape, Christmas tree decorations, tea, bottle opener, beeswax cloth, power bars or other small snacks for a mountain tour, popcorn corn, egg cups, rarities from the second-hand goods market or flea market

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