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Welcome to the camping club - the basic equipment

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Woohoo, here we go, you've bought your first camper or borrowed a motorhome and now it's time to put away practical and personal things. But what do I really need?
We'll tell you our tips for the camping kitchen, essentials for the right camp vibes and long starry nights

camping basic equipment outdoor kitchen motorhome kitchen

This has to go in the camp kitchen

  • Basics such as cups , plates, bowls, cutlery, a good cutting knife, spatula, potato peeler, can opener, grater, cutting board, scissors, household rubbers

  • Pan, one or two pots depending on the household, splash guard, vegetable steamer (saves gas and time)

  • Omina oven if you would like to bake something, can't do without homemade cakes, bread or oven-baked vegetables

  • A large bowl for salad and dough

  • To-go cups with lids for coffee during the road trip, lunch box for snacks and leftover food, beeswax cloths to wrap instead of aluminum foil

  • For tea drinkers, a small pot or kettle

  • For baristas, a mocha or French press, possibly a milk frother and a coffee grinder (often there are beans, but not ground espresso)

  • Spice bag for your favorite spices

  • Small camping dishwashing brush , bottle brush for water bottles , one to two tea towels per week

    camping equipment, fairy lights, campfire, grilling, camping blanket, enamel dishes

    For the camp vibes

    Pillow , cuddly blanket , fairy lights, depending on the season, fur to sit on, thick socks or slippers (it quickly gets cold from underneath in the camper even in spring or summer), a lamp or headlamp for outside at night, ROADTYPING camping blanket , travel diary or log book.

    The bed

    Just because you have a camper or caravan, you don't have to sleep in a sleeping bag; you can take your bedding with you from home, which is more comfortable.

    Camping bathroom

    • Quick-drying travel towels (we love the ones from Valleys & Hills made from organic cotton instead of microfiber), and several hammam towels (you always need them for everything, for example as a seat cover)
    • Solid soap instead of liquid soap, not only saves packaging, but solid products contain few and purely natural ingredients (depending on the product)
    • USB electric toothbrush is easy to charge

    Cuddly blanket camping basic equipment in front of the campervan Evening in front of the motorhome

    In front of the van

    • Skins for picnic tables or on the chairs or the floor for long starry nights
    • Camping blanket
    • One camping chair and one table per person (as a family with small children, we don't need a high chair and instead eat together at a low table at the same height)
    • Hammock for a different lying position

    Camping clothes shirt style fashion fleece dungarees laundry washing

    Camping clothing

    This is always a very personal matter, but we advise you to pack things that can be worn several times and don't sweat so quickly, such as merino wool. When it comes to rain gear, make sure that it dries quickly (e.g. Gore Tex or Merino wool). Rubberized products get soaked and are usually still wet the next day. Warm socks, a comfortable sweater, flip flops or Birkenstocks that you can wear in a stranger's shower, and waterproof hiking boots or sneakers are comfortable.

    If you are traveling with children, we recommend not taking anything light-colored with you and only clothing that can withstand being washed and tumble dried at 40°C if you plan to be on the road for several weeks. Because washing clothes on the go is always extremely time-consuming, time-consuming and often expensive.

    happy camper gif illustration

    Franzi’s favorite camping style:

    Beanie, oversized shirt, fleece jacket, leggings, ROADTYPING socks mountain , Vans sneakers

    Marius daily vanlife look:

    Baseball cap, flannel shirt, Patagonia Primaloft jacket, jeans, ROADTYPING socks All you need , Birkenstock

    Franzi and Marius from Roadtyping in Allgäu

    What do you like to wear while camping? We would be happy to receive your comments!

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