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Water and water supply in the camper

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Water and water supply in the campervan

In addition to electricity, water is of course a very important resource. At home you simply turn on the tap and as much as you want flows out of the pipe. In other regions of the world it looks very different and in our van too and that changes the way we deal with the now limited, valuable goods very significantly and in the long term at home.

With our two fresh water systems (outside and inside) we get a total of 140 l, but we usually only use our inner tank with 48 l and use around 20 l of water every day for the four of us. But especially since we can drink our water directly from the tap. In this way we save plastic bottles, which are often not connected to a binding recycling system, especially in southern countries. Of course, this only works if even water from questionable sources is properly filtered. 

We thought for a long time about which system would be best for us. As described above, we have two tank systems that are also moved by two independent pumps, so we could not install a central filter after the pump. We don't have any space under the tap in the kitchen and another disadvantage would have been that the water in the shower/outdoor shower would not have been filtered and therefore a lot of deposits would build up in the pipes, which would wear them out quickly and would therefore not be installed for a long time . So we found the company ALBFILTER and their simple filter system. After a nice and informative conversation, we decided on the “ALBFILTER Fusion plus” pre-filter, which combines three filter stages in a compact and, above all, mobile housing. This should meet our requirements and filter the water directly when refueling. For tanks up to 150 l, there are no problems with subsequent germ formation in the tank, as the water is usually used up after a maximum of a week. Of course, the tank and the pipes are clean. The pre-filter keeps out coarse dirt. The active filter takes care of microplastics and various residues of pesticides and medications and the nano filter filters bacteria and viruses from the water and turns it into drinkable and tasty drinking water. Depending on the type of water circuit in the van, the filters can of course also be installed directly under the tap or after the pump. The set we use is super flexible and easy to use and you can also fill your drinking bottles. The cartridges should be changed every 6 months to ensure proper filtering. In addition to our set we also have a water thief and a cordless dirty water pump from Gardena, which fits perfectly with the connections of the ALBFILTER Fusion Mobil and so we can really tap water anywhere, whether at the well, different inch taps or directly from a stream/lake .

Another advantage is drinking straight from the tap. We effectively drive around less weight and produce less waste, which also takes up space.

If you want to know more about water filters, then take a look at the Albfilter website , where there are also other mobile and fixed options.

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