1 year of vanlife as a family in Canada and America - intro

Intro - 1 Jahr Vanlife als Familie in Kanada und Amerika

We love traveling, discovering and adventure and doing so as flexibly as possible. With our two boys Casper and Leo and our Labrador dog Lotta we are traveling in a converted Mercedes Sprinter. Our goals usually differ from the classic vanlifer dream destinations. As people from Bavaria/Allgäu, we love the mountains and all facets of the year, from spring to winter and every transitional season, which is why we are drawn to the mountainous, rougher regions at any time of the year, away from the classic holiday and towards adventure. So far mostly in Europe...

In 2016 Franzi and I were in the USA together, the reason was actually just an invitation to my great cousin's wedding in Texas, we spontaneously spent a few weeks in California and this trip was the best travel experience we had ever experienced up to that point . I don't want to go into it in more detail here, but this road trip left a lasting impression on us, almost 5 years later.

Now we want to continue more or less where we left off, from San Francisco, our northernmost point at the time, up to Canada and Alaska is the dream. A lot has changed from then to now, we are no longer a 2+ dog, but a 4+ dog and our van has also developed from a van to a full-sized sprinter, but the dream still runs deep.
But our small family business Roadtyping has also grown and since everything has to run on the road and without us on site here in Kaufbeuren in the Allgäu for a year, there are still some challenges and extremely good preparations.

So now it's the beginning of 2021 and we're starting to plan our "big trip", because we still have a lot to do before the boys go to school. The biggest adventure as a traveler family with Canada and the USA is now planned for spring 2022 and we will take you along with us in the planning. Because one thing is clear, in contrast to our other trips, which we always went on spontaneously, there is a lot to plan for this one.

We would be happy if you accompanied us, from the initial considerations to practical modifications to the van through to the bureaucratic hurdles regarding shipping and entry.

Let's begin the adventure.

Family in front of the van

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