Mindful travel - what does that even mean?

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Traveling is back in style. After the pandemic, many of us feel the urge to discover new things and experience adventures again. Preferably further away from the radius that has been drawn in recent years. But the question quickly arises: How can I travel mindfully?

Mindful travel describes a way of traveling in which you take your time, travel consciously and mindfully and try to minimize your ecological footprint. It's about protecting the environment, supporting local communities and focusing on what's important and enjoying the moment.

5 tips for sustainable travel:

  • Flying is one of the most polluting forms of transport, so it is advisable to switch to other means of transport such as the train, bus or bicycle if possible.
  • A backpack is often more sustainable than a suitcase because it takes up less space and therefore saves space and weight.
  • Traveling slowly and having micro-adventures in your surroundings can not only be more environmentally friendly, but also more enriching and relaxing. The many hours you spend arriving and departing can be spent spending valuable time outside.
  • You can also travel sustainably locally, for example by choosing regional products and accommodation and using public transport.
  • Connecting with nature and the people at your destination can make the travel experience even more valuable. Have you ever thought about consciously taking a tour of your area and supporting regional farms and manufacturers by shopping in their stores and taking part in their events?

    If you prefer to plan a long-term trip, it offers you many advantages, such as the opportunity to arrive at a place and get to know it better. In contrast to a package tour, such a trip offers the possibility of more space for the spontaneous and unexpected. Longer stays allow you to better learn the country's language and immerse yourself in the local culture. You often get to know locals more intensively and experience spontaneous encounters that you will remember for a long time.

    On our travels in the van we have often spontaneously met people with whom we had great conversations and who became friends.

    Text: Alice Pawlas
    Sources: 7Mind | Slow Travel: The best tips for mindful travel / Slow Travel: Sustainable and mindful travel / Mindful travel

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    What does mindful travel mean to you?

    For example, we recently went on a multi-day hike with only a backpack and wanted to consciously enjoy the moment outside in nature. We look forward to your comments!

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