2nd choice - enamel cup summiteer

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Flaw or character trait? The small visual flaws definitely do not affect the function of the Gifpelsturmer mug. Tea tastes just as good as mulled wine, whether on the mountain top or in the office. With a practical loop for hanging. 

Enamel cup

- Volume 250 ml
- 100% recyclable via the scrap metal container
- Food-safe & free of harmful substances
- Dishwasher safe
- Weight: 220g
- 2nd choice: a heart for products with small flaws, but ready for full use!

What exactly is enamel?
The enamel cup consists of a steel core covered with enamel (a glass composition). Therefore, although the mug is robust, it is still sensitive to impacts as the glass cover can break on hard edges.

Our enamel products are made by hand, so the details of the products are not perfect, but may contain small inclusions or other irregularities. We think that this is part of the product, because nothing is perfect in nature either. However, chips or larger areas are sorted out during our quality control and you can get them as a reduced product here in the shop.

Designed in the Allgäu