Unterwegs mit Kindern

Our 5 favorite hikes with small children in Ostallgäu

Unsere 5 Lieblingswanderungen mit Kleinkindern im Ostallgäu
These tours are fun for everyone

Parents and children get their money’s worth on these 5 hikes

For us, Marius and me, mountain tours are more than just a hobby or a sport: the mountain captivates us, it magically captivates us and we want to love the magic that it radiates. That's why we've always been in the mountains with the children. If we simply dragged them up the mountain in a cradle or a stretcher for the first three years, at some point they will want to walk themselves or will simply become too big and too heavy. So if we want to go on mountain tours together, we have to choose hikes that are also feasible for the children, i.e. not too steep and not too long.

We have put together our 5 favorite tours in Ostallgäu for you, with which both us parents and our children can have fun hiking.

1. Haslacher Hut

roadtyping hike children mountain tour hiking allgäu ostallgäu haslacher hut

Just in Ostallgäu and on the border with Oberallgäu is the Haslacher Hütte above the Grüntensee at 1,150 m (this is where our cover photo was taken). From the parking lot it is an approx. 45-60 minute summer hike on an asphalted toll road past lush green meadows and cows and a magnificent view over the Ostallgäu to Oy-Mittelberg, Nesselwang and the lake.
When we arrived at the Haslacher Hut there was a sandpit and we had two large, friendly rabbits that rewarded the children for the hike.

Length/duration: approx. 45-60 minutes easy
Hiking car park
: Haslacher Hütte/Buronalpe car park
Coordinates : 47.616107, 10.475231
Refreshment option : Haslacher Hütte

2. Kenzenhütte

road typing hike children mountain tour hiking allgäu ostallgäu kenzenhütte halblech ammergau alps

Sometimes special circumstances are required with children - and that's okay - that's why we suggest the Kenzenhütte in Halblech. It is already in the Ammergau Alps and can be reached from Halblech via an asphalt road, which a shuttle bus also runs regularly (duration 20 minutes), because we can easily start our hike directly in the mountains and vary the length as we wish. for example to the Kenzen waterfall or a little bit towards Hochplatte.

Length/Duration: 20 minutes by shuttle bus and then at your leisure
Hiking car park
: Kenzenhütte car park, Halblech
Coordinates : 47.625220, 10.821374
Refreshment option : Kenzenhütte

3. Nesselwang Alpsitz
From the mountain station to the Dinserhütte

roadtyping hike children mountain tour hiking allgäu ostallgäu alpspitz nesselbang dinserhütte

On this tour we exceptionally take the gondola lift and go up to the mountain station of the Alpspitzbahn. From there a great and not so frequented tour leads to the Dinserhütte. We enjoy a really great 360º degree view of the Allgäu and Tyrolean Alps.

Length/duration: approx. 1-1.5 hours easy
Hiking car park
: Nesselwang Alpspitzbahn car park
Coordinates : 47.618275, 10.498730
Refreshment options : Dinser Hütte (only open on weekends), Sportheim Böck (tip!)

4. Neuschwanstein and Bleckenau

roadtyping hike children mountain tour hiking allgäu ostallgäu neuschwanstein alpsee füssen

Neuschwanstein Castle and the yellow Hohenschwangau Castle are known nationally and we have to admit, they also magically attract us and our children love the royal atmosphere below the castles, at the two lakes Alpsee and Schwansee and of course the horse-drawn carriages.
There are a few options for hiking here, but the first climb to the castle is very, very steep, there is of course a lot going on and we have to admit that this section is not that exciting. But: you can take a horse-drawn carriage or bus to Marienbrücke and start hiking from there. Not only is it an experience for children, but you also save yourself this really strenuous stage.

Length/duration: approx. 2 hours one way, 6 km by bus/carriage
Hiking car park
: Neuschwanstein car park
Coordinates : 47.557025, 10.739206
Refreshment option : Bleckenau

5. From the Lechfall towards the royal castles in Füssen

roadtyping hike children mountain tour hiking allgäu ostallgäu neuschwanstein alpsee füssen lechfall alpenrosenweg

Our fifth tour is also in the immediate vicinity of the castles, but begins at the Lechfall in Füssen, which is already the first highlight. From there you follow the Alpine Rose Trail towards Schwansee and further towards Alpsee and the royal castles. You hike through forests and meadows and always enjoy the view of the mountains and lakes in front of you and can discover a lot of things, such as toads and snakes. The nice thing about this route is that we can lengthen or shorten it as we wish and could even commute from the royal palaces back to the city.

Length/duration: approx. 2 hours and 6 km one way
Hiking car park
: Lechfall car park, Füssen
Coordinates : 47.562605, 10.695067
Refreshment option : only at the castles

General tip: If you want to invest the money, it is a big advantage to take the gondola to the middle or mountain station and start the hike from there. The climbs from below are often the steepest and most strenuous sections and are not feasible for children. Once at the top you can enjoy the panorama from the start and the paths are more moderate.

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