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Garbage and waste separation in the camper

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It's just part of it, ideally as consciously as possible

Waste separation on camping holidays

It's amazing how much waste you create even though you take so much care to buy as little packaging as possible.

The desire to separate things here as rigorously as at home is a little difficult, but doable, due to the lack of space in the camper and the irregular recycling offers on the road. It's best to try to avoid packaging waste right from the start. To be honest, it's unrealistic for us to avoid it completely, because at home you know your stores, your personal selection and your favorite products, but when you're in a new place every day, that's it Not that easy and not possible in many places abroad. In some supermarkets there is an option to recycle paper and plastic directly in the checkout area after paying.

Shopping without packaging is really good in the markets in southern Europe and we avoid products where the ratio of content to packaging is incorrect. Glass and cans are the only things where you often find recycling bins, but a yellow bag is simply not an option. We have created a fixed place for the residual waste because we don't like having a garbage bag hanging around, but we have two nice bags with us that can be reused for the plastic and paper waste.

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