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Some have it and some don't, we don't want to miss it


In this blog post we would like to address a very uncomfortable topic, but a topic with a happy ending :-)

When we were traveling as a couple, we didn't have a toilet on board and so the first step in civilization in the morning was often: KK - coffee and toilet. That means we usually walked into a café, ordered an espresso and a cornetto in Italy and went to the toilet there. Lotta needed her morning round anyway. So we hardly missed a toilet, because it was an uncomfortable idea to have one somewhere in the small VW bus.

When it was time to expand the Sprinter and Leo was already born, we wanted to always have a toilet within reach so that we didn't have to rush around with the child in the morning for KK.

In 2019, our first van toilet became a chemical PortaPotti, although we quickly switched from chemistry to microbacteria. Although we loved the freedom of the toilet from the start, other inconveniences and problems quickly arose. Emptying, for example, is really not nice and not clean and, above all, not flexible. The smell of eucalyptus, which was mixed as a fragrance with the microbacteria, quickly became the epitome of going to the toilet and we developed an aversion to it. Hauling the weight of a full PortaPotti out of our small wet room and heaving it over the entire kitchenette is not only unappetizing, but also damn heavy.

Luckily, 2020 was the beginning of mobile, small separation toilets or composting toilets. The principle is very simple: the liquid is separated from the solid and should therefore smell less or not at all. In general, this is of course also the most environmentally friendly way, because no chemicals or water are required. Of course, the first thing that came to mind was foul-smelling manure or poor hygiene when dealing with feces, but we really wanted to try it out and see for ourselves.

We chose the Kildwick Microloo because it fits exactly into the drawer of the PortaPotti and so we didn't have to change anything on the van. Our Microloo has a 5 liter liquid container and a 5.5 liter solid container, which is enough for two adults for approx. 2 days. You can basically dispose of the solid waste at any residual waste bin. We like to use dark garbage bags :-) You simply pour the liquid into a toilet. So the 2 days are ok, if you have more space you can of course use larger variants, Kildwick has several variants on offer. Since you don't need any water in the entire process (except for regular cleaning), you save on the otherwise scarce resource and it's comfortable to sit on a real wooden toilet seat, which makes you feel even more at home. All in all, a really well-rounded thing.

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What is our conclusion after over 3 years of using a separating toilet and 9 months of full-time separating toilet use:

solid. Does it stink? - Yes, partly, at the beginning of course the evaporation of the solid. We fill the solids container with small animal litter (straw) and cover everything very thoroughly in a store (we've already tried cat litter, but it doesn't work so well). This way the straw can absorb the liquid and there is hardly any smell at all.
Tip: Don't throw away the coffee grounds from the mocha, but pour them into the solids tank, because coffee neutralizes odors. 

Liquid container, what does it look like here? - Honestly, it doesn't smell at all. We use vinegar (clear vinegar essence) from a spray bottle to rinse and the vinegar removes 100% of the smell of urine.

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