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Ice-cold drinks taste particularly delicious in the shade of the trees on hot summer days, right? Our insulated to-go cup made of stainless steel provides you with cold soda, iced tea, white wine or beer on your next trip. And on cold days it reliably keeps tea, coffee or cocoa warm. 

Insulated stainless steel to-go cup

Details cup:
- 300ml volume
- Vacuum insulated stainless steel keeps contents hot and cold for a long time
- Robust and shock-resistant powder coating
- Printed with 3D relief
- No plastic inner coating, 100% stainless steel
- Not suitable for dishwashers
- Total weight: 180g (with lid)
- The cups are stackable
- Biggest advantage: you can drink comfortably from the cup without a lid because it has no thread

Details lid:
- Removable to-go lid
- 100% free of BPA and plasticizers
- The lid is very tight, but we do not recommend putting the full cup in your bag or backpack because there is no screw system, the lid just clips on. By attaching it, you have a pleasant drinking experience even without the lid, making your to-go cup the perfect everyday all-rounder. Place the lid on your cup with the drinking opening open and move it in light circular movements to let air escape. This means there is no negative pressure and the lid lifts perfectly!

Designed in the Allgäu.