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Room tour | Mercedes Sprinter Campervan expansion with 2 children

Mercedes Sprinter Campervan als Familiencamper mit zwei Kindern und HUnd

Our rolling home: our Sprinti, as we all affectionately call him. If you had asked us a few years ago what vehicle we would be traveling with in a few years, we probably wouldn't have believed that it would be a silver Mercedes Sprinter panel van with a high roof. We wanted to drive a VW bus forever, ideally traveling the world in the old van, without comfort and just being vintage. But since we didn't have enough time to put up with the Bulli's workshop phases on every trip - because neither of us can do screwdrivers - a new T5 came into our traveling life. At that time we still lived in the middle of Munich and no car was allowed to be bigger than a VW bus. And then, then Leo, our first child, came and we realized that there wasn't enough space for us, because we don't only travel in summer, but as you may know, the north and the mountains magically attract us. 

And so, by chance, it became our Sprinti, a silver Mercedes panel van with a length of 5.95 m, which we love dearly, which satisfies our thirst for adventure and enables us to discover every corner of the world. 

We had neither the time nor the know-how to build our Sprinter ourselves, so we got support, but we thought about the planning of the perfect winter-ready adventure vehicle for a family of four and rolling offices down to the last detail and would like to include it here share with you.

Roadtyping Roomtour Campervan family with four beds and dog Mercedes Sprinter

Road typing Sprinter Campervan sketch expansion van conversion

A few key details:

Length: 5.95m

Roof/height: SCA high roof / total approx. 3.20 m

Year of construction: 2010

Engine: 318 CDI

Drive: rear-wheel drive

Dampers/ground clearance: Bilstein B6 front shock absorbers, wheel spacers, reinforced rear leaf springs, BF Goodrich all-terrain tires

Electricity: 2Ective lithium batteries with 80 Ah each from Ective, 120 watt solar panel on the roof, 160 watt solar case (see blog post "Traveling, living, working self-sufficiently in the camper" )

Water/waste water: 3 internal fresh water canisters of 16 liters each (within the insulation so suitable for winter), a 90 l fresh water tank under the car that we never use; an internal waste water tank (within the insulation so suitable for winter), another waste water tank is under the car

Water filter: Albfilter Fusion with pre-filter stage

Toilet: Kildwick Micro Loo pull-out composting toilet in our wet room 

Attachments: Thule wheel carriers, Thule wedges, petrol cans and Peli Box Air on the airline rails on the tailgates, spare wheel stowed under the car, sand trays

Additional headlights: 4 additional headlights at the front and two at the rear Osram (see blog post “Our additional lighting on the van” )

To the room tour on YouTube

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